Saturday, October 15, 2005

So much shouting, so much laughter ...

On Wednesday, October 12 I taught pre-school!
And other classes! Lots of them!
And boy, are those kids loud!

But they certainly are charming as well. That pre-school class cracks me up, I swear. On Thursday, the entire pre-school had an "outing" (field trip) to Woobang Tower Land, which is an amusement park, but we didn't really go there for amusement parking, rather, the kids got to learn to make tofu. Don't ask. Sure, we could have made tofu anywhere. But why not Woobang? It's pronounced "ooh-bong" but the Canadian teacher co-workers were saying it superAmeican style "Whooo - bang!" and joking like "I put the WOO in WOO-bang!" etc. It's the little things, OK. Anyway, this place is like a fake Disneyland. Seriously. There's a little Wild West Land and there's a planter at the front with the flowers the same, and a fake Mickey Mouse picture welcoming visitors at turnstiles, and the woman taking tickets in turn-of-the-century dress...hilarious! The park and rides were more on the size/level of high carnival or low Six Flags, but the look and feel were total faux-Disneyland.

I suppose if I were a six-year-old in So Cal going on a a field trip I would think it's more fun to learn to make pizza, say, at Disneyland than in the local park. Also, the Woobang Tower Land people did the whole thing - their staff, their presentation, their tofu samples, their set-up. Like a little side business, I guess.

The tower is this huge Vegas-stratosphere kind of thing, very tall, very towering, but I could not leave behind my little rugrats to go exploring. I was in charge of Wendy, Brian, Jina, and Jinny (although we were all keeping an eye on everyone). Yeah, they all have English names for English school. So do the KTs (Korean Teachers).

In some of the classes I taught over the past few days, I would run way behind the lesson plan (remember, these were pre-drafted by the departing teacher and/or made by the KT) but in others I finished early and was like- help! I need a game to play! But it's all working out.

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Maureen said...

YEAH!!! YOU DID IT!! We're so happy for you! Hope you have a wonderful time. Don't get caught off-guard.