Monday, June 11, 2007

Bacon & eggs

I would just like to announce to the collective interwebs that my favorite smell is a breakfasty cooking kitchen, specifically the bacon a-fryin' and if there is coffee a-roastin' then that is just like a bonus. On all those silly little surveys that cross my path on e-mail, MySpace, what have you, the question "What's your favorite smell?" often appears. And I never ever have an answer. I can never think of a favorite smell. I sit there and rack my brain for far too long considering it's just some useless web site questionnaire probably written by a middle schooler and I could be doing other things with my time--like reading other MySpace bulletins, hello. And it always bugs me that everyone (or, rather, the friends I have also willing to fill them out who make me very happy indeed) all seem to know what their favorite smell is: fresh laundry, floral scents, bread baking, the woods, jasmine, whatever. But now I know mine. I want to shout it from the rooftops. I first realized it last week while we were making omelettes. Not that I was cooking bacon. I am a lapsed vegetarian but I haven't completely abandoned my meatless sensibilities. Brian was making bacon for his omelette. I was a little bit tempted to have some, but I really was quite happy just enjoying the smell of it cooking. Also, I was not worthy of the bacon. I didn't even know how to put it in the refrigerator. (I put it in the freezer. This of course led to me trying to remember the last time I put away groceries that included meat. It might be fifteen years or so.) I have no particular reason to announce this at the moment other than that I just happened to think of it while I was pouring my coffee earlier this morning. But now you know.

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