Tuesday, February 05, 2008

See how they (I) run

I am skipping yoga tonight for two and a half reasons. One, my hand is still a little black and blue and painful when pressure is applied, so maybe all that downward dogging isn't the best idea right now. Two, I have reading to do for my classes. Two and a half: it is Super Duper Tuesday, after all.

That last only merits a half because I would not actually stay home to watch the results trickle in, but since I am home I will watch them trickle in. Make sense? Oh come on, that has to make at least as much sense as voting for someone who makes charismatic speeches even though five minutes later you can't remember what he said.

On that note, one of the scariest things about all those Obama people, who are so "inspired" and so won over by his charisma, is that a whole lot of people were blinded by Dubya's charming speeches and empty rhetoric, too.

Well, I suppose the time has passed for pontificating here. I have yet to hear anyone offer a reason Obama should be the next president instead of Hillary Clinton ... no matter how much I ask and plead, no one ever gives me a reason ... sigh...

But I have other worries. In addition to wondering how long I will be able to handle listening to the squawking heads, that is. And in addition to my jammed thumb. And in addition to the Hofstra Wellness Center recommending I see an orthopedist to make sure there's no torn ligament, but my "limited benefits" medical plan being seemingly unable to recommend an orthopedist that still actually takes my coverage.

Chief among my other worries: I want more free time. I am feeling SERIOUSLY busy, and I do not enjoy it. I actually like doing the reading for my classes, but the Immigrant Defense Clinic is very time-consuming and mentally demanding besides. Maybe it's a seasonal thing. Maybe at this point in the year, when I just have so many better things to think about, doing school work gets harder and harder. Unlike last year, when February dawned and I promptly stopped reading for Property, Civ Pro, and sometimes Contracts, this year I don't have the option to start blowing off school. Sigh... At least my work is interesting right now. My theme for this semester is immigration. As I mentioned, I am in the Immigrant Defense Clinic which means that for six credits, and many many hours of work, I will be working with a partner under the supervision of a real attorney professor on an actual case with a real live client. All of our cases in the Immigrant Defense Clinic are people in various stages of deportation/removal proceedings. I am also taking the Immigration Law class (3 credits) as well as Constitutional Law II: The Sequel (3 credits) and Sports Law (2 credits). My conclusion so far: U.S. immigration law is a byzantine joke. Big surprise. So yeah, I'm very interested....

It's just that -- it's Oscar season! I still have like ten movies to see! (The Savages, In the Valley of Elah, Taxi to the Dark Side, Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience, Gone Baby Gone, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Across the Universe, War/Dance...) And I still have to decide whether to see the ones multiply nominated in lots of random categories that I otherwise wouldn't see (The Golden Compass, The Bourne Ultimatum). And then there's the annual debate whether to bother watching the animated films (Persepolis, Surf's Up) and knowing I probably will watch the multiply nominated animated film (Ratatouille).

After a recent leg injury and two weeks of rest (and yoga!) I have made my triumphant return to running this week. It feels great. I am not sure now when I will be able to return to gymnastics, what with this not-quite-broken thumb, but I am good with the running and yay! relaunching into my training for a 25K in May.

I myself voted absentee Massachusetts.

Go, Hillary, go!


Kim Diaz said...

PLEASE do not compare Obama to Dubya. PLEASE. I cannot bear it. I myself voted for Hillary today. AND you should see The Savages - really.

linda said...

Point taken, I also shudder at the thought of comparing those two. Although they both spent time at Harvard. I was actually more trying to compare Obama followers to Dubya followers. They are lemmings. Lemmings who ride bandwagons.

Erin said...

I did something today that I swore I'd never do - I donated to a political campaign. Christ! My lady better win - I'm invested now!

By the way, it's called Con Law II: Electric Boogaloo!

Erin said...

Also, in reference to Obama's followers: