Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have a wish. It's not, like, my big overriding ultimate wish in this world or anything, but just a little wish. A wishlet, if you will. Here it is: I wish that people would stop eating noisy food in class. Noisy food means anything I can hear. So, it could be chips, pretzels, almonds -- but it can also be a croissant, if you are a nasty loud chewer. Which I experienced in class today, I might add.

I mean - I get as hungry as the next person, but we have ten minute breaks during all our two-hour-plus classes. If you want to eat chips, eat them on the break. When you are next to someone trying to listen to a lecture, the sound of your chip chewing is magnified way beyond what you think it is. I think almonds are even worse than chips. Or any of the small foods that aren't crispy. Where people secret them in their mouths and then you can just kind of hear that gnawing. UGH. This is an absolute rule: if you are not silent, do not eat in class.

That is my wish.

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