Thursday, March 19, 2009

Final two (months)

Less than two months! Why, until I graduate of course. That is, assuming that I pass at least five-sixths of my classes this final semester. I will probably do that. But one never knows. Speaking of never knowing, it's bracket time! Already let down by the Mormons (BYU lost its first-round game to Texas A&M. Eww), I nevertheless am looking forward to a fun-filled weekend of basketball, even with a bracket that is flawed right off the bat.

The best part is that if both USC and Michigan State win their first-round games they will play each other on Sunday! Brian and I are super stoked about that one. We've been waiting for our teams to meet up here or in the Rose Bowl or SOMEwhere ever since we started dating. And now's our chance, as long as we don't do anything stupid Friday night. (Which, both of our teams have been known to do -- something stupid.) "Our" game is really fun, because it's the Trojans versus the Spartans. Get it?! Fun and historic(al).

So, two months away from the graduation moment I'm just, you know, doing some reading, procrastinating writing papers, running here and there (but kind of slacking on the 5-6 days a week requested by the 25K training schedule), watching Lost on Wednesdays (seriously: who does not watch that show? And just - why not?) That's about the size of it. We made it up to Boston this past weekend and I finally got the last few lingering items of mine that were at my old house with the girls. (Only one girl of whom still lives there.) The whole weekend I pretty much thought I should still live in Boston/Somerville. Like, why-not-take-the-bar-exam-in-Massachusetts-this-summer? style, even. But I'll tell you why not: I have even fewer reasons to take the bar exam in Massachusetts than I do to take the bar exam in New York. So, inertia it is. Ugh. Another summer of paying thousands in rent. Boring. So over it. The idea of taking a gigantic mammoth exam is at least a little stimulating, however.

On the literary supplement front, I'm getting close to the end of The Satanic Verses and remain unimpressed -- but mostly I cannot think of words strong enough with which to mock the vile, hateful killers who declared/attempted the fatwa against Salman Rushdie. What losers.

Part of the problem with this whole semester is that our spring break is ridiculously late. Good ol' Hofstra -- they "have to" have spring break coincide with Passover and Good Friday, or else they would "have to" give extra days off for those religious holidays, in which case they would "have to" have fewer reading days (which, hello -- we have, like, one) or else we would "have to" start the semester earlier because we "have to" give the professors enough time to get in the grades and such because we "have to" finish everything by May 17, the day Hofstra the actual university tells the law school it "has to" have graduation. Uh-huh. Bunch of nonsense if you ask me. Ugh.

That's about all around here. Here's to dramatic finishes, preferably with overtime!
(Uh...I'm talking about the basketball.)

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