Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, it has been a while since I blogged. I guess that's what happens when one is busy graduating from law school! That's right, the deed is done. I am the proud owner of a J.D. I guess "owner" is all right to say, seeing as it came at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars -- much of which has actually not yet been paid, and is currently accumulating interest. Student loans -- gotta love 'em! But why dwell on that now? This is the grace period! A time for reflection, pride, joy, sense of accomplishment, and "HOLY CRAP DID I REALLY JUST GO TO LAW SCHOOL?!"

There have been so many amazing people supporting me in this law school endeavor and I am so glad that they (well, most of them) turned out to celebrate with a big party in our back yard on Saturday. Old friends, new friends, and good times around the grill! Then Sunday it was time for the actual ceremony, when more than a dozen tried and true friends and family members schlepped out to Hofstra on Long Island to witness the commencement. They were a fabulous cheering section.

The whole experience was kind of what I imagine and am told a wedding is like: so much is going on that it's actually hard to take it all in, and you have to remind yourself to concentrate on the things being said to commemorate the moment. And there are a zillion people from your past around and it's hard to find individual moments with them all, plus you find yourself saying the same thing over and over in response to the "So, what's next?" Also very wedding-like.

Despite the ups and downs of Hofstra (and more specifically, Long Island) life, I really enjoyed my graduation day. I like the law school dean and many of the professors, and I liked gathering with my friends and sitting there reveling in what we had all just accomplished. Senator Schumer was a nice surprise, too. And I like the pomp and circumstance.

Boy am I tired! Time for some rest ... but stay tuned to see what will be the next thrilling adventure!

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Kim Diaz said...

Go, J.D. Girl!