Sunday, June 07, 2009

On the Move

I am out of touch! Breathlessly, I check in with you my adoring fans to say I am in Michigan. We have cleared out of our beloved Brooklyn Box Street for at least the summer as we attempt to: 1)find jobs 2)find out what's next. Not a bad list of goals for the summer. Of course, moving proved to be a major pain, with much U-Hauling and best laid plans ganging oft agley, etc. Let's just say I am intimately acquainted with every Arby's between Toledo and the Delaware Water Gap.

But, we have been able to get in a few days of Michiganing, including the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts (I think that's what it's was really just referred to as Festival the whole time) which consisted of walking around downtown Grand Rapids eating and listening to live music. Perfect. Also I looked at some handbags in the arts and crafts tent and this reminds me that I need to just generally announce to the world: help! I want to buy a tiny Going Out Purse.

In my life I have had a few Going Out Purses, but all have eventually spread their wings to fly from the nest, either by being stolen off of my body in Cuba, or just by wearing out and reaching the end of their straps. My latest, greatest Going Out Purse gave up the ghost in Curacao or shortly thereafter. Here is what is required of a Going Out Purse: a small flat rectangle of a soft usually cloth material, slightly taller than it is wide (perhaps 4 x 6 or 4 x 7 inches?), with a long strap to be worn over the shoulder across the body with the purse part resting on the opposite hip, and generally one flap to close it with a snap, velcro, or other fastening, although I wouldn't be opposed to a zipper. I'm not entirely sure why I am unable to find a Going Out Purse right now, unless it may be due to the fact that lately everyone seems to be buying/carrying these atrocious, giant purses that are really bags masquerading as purses or possibly vice-versa. The only thing I like less than annoying, expensive, jeweled, leather handbags are giant, annoying, expensive, jeweled leather handbags. Ugh. Does no one want to meet my needs of a suitable Going Out Purse? Minimalist, hands free, lightweight, and just big enough for keys, phone, cash, i.d. and possibly some feminine goodies.

Enough about that! We also saw Lake Michigan today, as we spent last night and today at Brian's family's "cottage" in Holland. It's always good to see a Great Lake. After another day and a half here we will be jetting off to Phoenix to reclaim my desert soul, save some money, and visit the Grand Canyon, among other summer activities. (Such as, Brian reminded me just as I was about to publish this post, eating at In-N'-Out Burger!!!)

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