Thursday, July 16, 2009

A midsummer day's update

We are crossing into the last half of July even as I type this, making it high time for a midsummer check-in. Brian and I have been in Phoenix for five weeks now. We have done a fair amount of hiking, we have galavanted a bit about the Southwest, and I daresay we have EXCELLED at our biking for enchiladas program. At least we have excelled at the enchiladas part, and Brian now loves Valle Luna just like he would have if he grew up here and went to Goldwater with us. As for some of the other goals of the summer, let's see...

Writing: So far so OK. I have not yet finished my Cuba book. I have, however, worked on it. I am not happy with how much it feels like I have left to do to finish it, but it is a distinct possibility that I will feel that way forever. I am also working on other bits of writing and have had some good ideas and inspiration. Did I mention that law school feels a million miles away? Feel free to infer a direct correlation here.

Getting in shape: Egad. Why is this so difficult? I have been running 3-6 times per week, I swim and bike ride more than once a week, and I have been throwing in some Pilates here and there. We have also hiked about once a week. I know it takes time to see results, but ugh. The last semester of law school was my worst ever with regard to staying active and healthy, and I am so paying the price for that now. New goal: up the hiking to at least twice a week and do Pilates every day.

Finding a job: See Writing, above. That's what I really want my job to be, of course. I am also continuing to pursue the Foreign Service process to see where that takes me. This is all tied into the other task...

...Figuring out where to go next: Not yet. It's looking like Los Angeles because Brian can get a film job there. I love Los Angeles and I do want to live in California again, but the more I think about moving back there this fall, the more I want to have a chance to live in Chicago first, or I will feel like I've missed out on something. And when will I ever get to live in D.C.? (as opposed to just spending vast amounts of time there) See also Finding a job, above.

Saving money: Tied up with all the other things, but we're doing all right on ths front. Brian is working and I am not running out of money. Then again, I'm not paying off law school loans yet.

Cleaning out my high-school bedroom/closet full of years of accumulated junk: Epic fail.

Tajikistan: Also an epic fail ... I cannot make the Habitat for Humanity trip to Tajikistan, for financial reasons, and this devastates me. I will have to focus on the positive things, such as all I have learned about Tajakistan and my renewed commitment to do a Habitat trip in 2010.

That's the word from here. Oooh! And I also am nearly done with my A-to-Z Literary Blog Project. I have just started X. All the King's Men, my 'W' choice, was most excellent. Now I am onto Soul Mountain, speaking of epic personal journeys! Of which I was speaking, you know.

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