Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Rose Bowl

Well, I certainly got to experience something frightening on Halloween night: the USC game. Goodness, my Trojans, what has happened? The sad thing is, I kind of dreaded and expected (sorry!) the loss to Oregon. We just haven't been great this year. We have been OK. Sometimes we have been good. We have not been great, and most of all we have not been consistently great. And you know, if someone like Oregon wants to go and do something perfectly logical such as score every single time they touch the football, well, we apparently won't have much in the way of a response to that.

Of course, I was hanging out with Michigan peeps watching the football, so maybe there was something to console us over on Brian's Michigan State game...uh, no. And Sam's Michigan game we watched earlier in the day? Yeah, not that either. Let's not even mention Purdue. Once again, Iowa comes through where few others can. See, I am kind of on the Iowa bandwagon, but for reasons totally unrelated to the bandwagon. I just happen to want a certain Master's degree from a certain graduate program at Iowa very much, and now that law school's done I can apply for it, so I totally have Iowa on my mind this year even more than usual. Plus we are in Michigan this fall so Brian and I have the distinct pleasure of watching the Big Ten Network's Friday Night Tailgate, and the first time we watched the show it made me so happy as they ran around Iowa City and the campus doing their quirky Friday Night Tailgate things, and I have all this opportunity to think about Iowa and imagine getting a degree from there while it just so happens that they are undefeated and totally awesome. What can I say, I have my finger on the pulse. It's like I needed a ride for other reasons and the bandwagon happened to drive by with an empty seat.

Back to the Pac-10, USC now has two losses in conference while Oregon is 5-0 there (their one loss was to Boise State). Besides the Ducks, hey, maybe U of A will go to the Rose Bowl. Yes, the Wildcats are what we normally like to think of as a basketball school. But they are playing football this year! Although they did lose to Iowa...

USC is just kind of sad to watch. You just sit there wanting them to be better. The Notre Dame game the other week gave me fits. Oh well. It was Halloweeen yesterday, so we threw on some costumes and went out into a frenzy of dancing and weirdos and that took my mind off of football things. We were in Chicago this weekend, which was great fun. I have spent very little time there, and I seriously feel like I need to live there next, to keep on with my habit of living in major U.S. cities. I like the vibe, the lake, the restaurants, and so on. Also, I have never lived in the Central Time Zone. Of course, what else is in the Central Time Zone? Iowa. I think I need to stop watching depressing football games and just go take the GRE. And don't panic.


Megan said...

I learned not to expect much from Purdue this year. It makes life easier to bear. But that game, GAH.

linda said...

Purdue so pleasantly surprised the other weekend, though! Oh well. Meanwhile, I am taking Iowa's football success as a cosmic sign that I should go get a master's in Creative Writing there. It's a sign, right?