Saturday, January 23, 2010

SAG Awards Drinking Game

I didn't think of this in time to do it for the Golden Globes, but I think tonight's drinking game will be to take a shot every time they show some woman wearing a one shoulder dress. Warning: You WILL be wasted.

What the hell is up with this trend? I really need symmetry back on the Red Carpet. Strapless or sleeves or whatever, but this one-shoulder thing has GOT to go. You will also notice that a lot of the dresses that are strapless or two-shouldered have an asymmetrical thing going on in the design. It's this year's look, clearly. We are an off-balance world.

I told Brian he could play EW's suggested drinking game, where you drink every time an actor says, "This award means the most because it's given to me by my acting peers..." and I'll play the one-shouldered dress drinking game, and we'll see who's drunk first.

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Megan said...

If you really wanted to get wasted, you'd drink every time someone said "Haiti", "Leno" or "NBC".