Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vice-President of the Taliban

A story in today's New York Times caught my eye and made me wonder, haven't we killed/captured the second-in-command of the Taliban like eight or nine times already? I mean, seriously, does this really continue to fail to dawn on our illustrious military leaders and politicians?

The scary thing is that I really don't think it does dawn on them. They continue to conduct missions and the dutiful media sycophants continue to breathlessly report that the #2 Taliban dude -- in this case, "He ranks second only in influence to Mullah Muhammad Omar, the Taliban's founder" -- has been eliminated. Until he is replaced by the next #2 Taliban dude.

Or maybe it's just like your typical big shiny modern self-important corporation with a slew of Vice-Presidents. My Grandpa Curtis, who worked all around the U.S.A. from the South to the Midwest, from East Coast factory towns to sunny Southwest suburbs, always used to joke, "In California, nobody's job is lower than Vice-President." Maybe the Taliban adopted that approach.

What might some of the Taliban Vice-Presidents' titles be? They would probably still have a Vice-President of Strategic Planning and a Vice-President of Operations. But instead of VP of Corporate Sales and the like, maybe they'd have the VP for Video Threat Distribution, VP of Fundamentalist Behavior Adherence, VP of Sex Segregation and Oppression, and maybe a VP of Extreme Dress and Grooming Code Enforcement.

Geez, the Taliban. What a pathetic group of people. They would be so laughable if they weren't murderous and evil. It's mind-blowingly sad to think that there are vast numbers of people whose life opportunities are so awful that the Taliban is a better alternative.

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