Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Thankfulness #5

Today I am thankful that I can walk. I went for a walk, in fact, today -- a lovely jaunt of about two and a half miles around Brian's Grand Rapids neighborhood (where we are holed up for this holiday week). I love walking. Lately, I have been going for more brisk walks, setting out to do so, because working from home as a freelancer has me a little stir crazy. I never used to be one for spending much time at home. I always enjoyed my commute, moving around and doing things. In evenings I liked to be out and about, even for random things, instead of plopping down on the couch. I still prefer this. But working from home and being behind in work and organizing and finances and accomplishments really puts a damper on my preferred lifestyle. So at the very least, I walk.

There are walkabouts, there are walks-for-hunger-and-breast-cancer-awareness, there is walking the dog. There are artists' walks, a la Julia Cameron (love those!) There are lots of random reasons people walk. And then, there are people who can't walk. Also, there are people who can walk, but don't walk.

I am very thankful that I can walk.

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Anonymous said...

Linda, I enjoyed your comments about your grandparents. Your story about going to see grampy Nap was touching, I wasn't aware of that, or at least didn't remember.

You shouldn't feel like you missed anything, other than as you said, to have additional time with grampy Nap back in NE.

You were old enough to remember but if grandma Curtis could have lived a little longer, your relationship with her would have developed more also, as it did with grandpa Curtis.

Grandma Curtis arthritis really started flaring up in 1975. She loved to go for walks around Casper and would go the course and ride the cart with Grandpa. Once the arthritis set it, she was unable to do either. She suffered for 22 years.

When you were preschool, we were living in Joseph City, you spent a long weekend in Phoenix with grandpa and gramma. Once there, you must have realized, "Hey, I'm not with mom." I remember you remarking to them, something like "I'm just to young to do this." But you bravely toughed it out until mom went back to Phoenix to get you.

Anyway, thanks for the Blogs.