Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year in Siem Reap
Day 8 of our Southeast Asia odyssey

Happy New Year! Do you know where Siem Reap's biggest party is? Well, I do now. It is on Pub Street, in a restaurant/market/nightlife area just across the cutest little river bridge ever from our hotel, and boy did we do it up to ring in 2012. Brian and I saw a little bit of the street party set-up while we ate lunch earlier on Saturday, and then after our first dinner with fellow Habitat for Humanity build team members, a few of us headed out to celebrate New Year's Eve with the masses. The entire city of Siem Reap must have been there, plus foreigners galore. There were crowds, dancing, packed streets, pubs, balconies, beer for $1, kegs, random flashback tunes, shots of something pink to drink, dancing to Khmer songs in an electric slide-like group movement, fireworks above the river, lit up bridges, lanterns in the water, illegal fireworks shot from the crowd, smoke, more tunes, more beer, all kinds of good stuff, and it was all just lively and fun.

January 1 was a great day. I approve of 2012!  Our Habitat for Humanity team is a great group of 21 people (I think) plus our leaders and the local affiliate employee and volunteers. I am so excited about this project and about everything I have been learning about Cambodia, its history, its people, the Khmer culture, the language, the history and historical's all so wonderful. I think I should have regular enough wi-fi this week to keep you updated as our build progresses.

I love new years and starting new projects and new good things!

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Anonymous said...

Linda, thanks for the travelog. Interesting reading. Also interesting how things have morphed since the 1970's. I had an interesting reaction to the date, since it is Sunday January 1 here as I am reading this ( a day before you sent it!?) Thanks for the updates, I enjoy your writing as well as hearing from you. Glad things are going well, of course you are the type that will make a difficult situation into a great opportunity. Take care of yourselves. Hope you and Brian don't hammer any fingers!