Sunday, April 15, 2012

Secondhand Bullets

Arizona, I will have you know, is very concerned about my public health. I'm not referring to its flurry of recent decisions regarding my and every other woman's uterus -- that would be our private health, got that, legislature? -- but rather the health and safety of its people as they participate in society in public buildings. As I spend time in Arizona these last few weeks, I walk into various buildings, and whatever the building may be I can always find that trusty sticker on the glass or sign posted by the door reminding me of Arizona Revised Statute number whatever-it-is that forbids smoking in the building. That's right: noble Arizona, protecting the public's health by eradicating smoking  from all these buildings.

But in the Arizona legislature way of running the world, you leave those cigarettes in the car (you didn't actually think anyone writing these laws was walking anywhere, did you?) but feel free to bring your gun inside.

Arizona, home of the rogue state legislature, is all hopped up on allowing guns into public buildings. The usual jabber about freedom etc. is accompanied by a million-dollar-or-more cost to the public buildings that don't want the guns brought in (necessitating a gun locker/security at the entrance, which can be expensive, eh?) 

See, isn't that a great situation? Arizona really cares about public health. It values my safety! I won't ever have to worry about that stray secondhand smoke, which proper ventilation could whisk away. Have I mentioned that there is nary a building in this state without central air? Have I mentioned that we have weather that would not prevent anyone from going outside for their smoke breaks for at least 364 days of the year?  Nope, no one will be smoking inside, but they might shoot.  If only those secondhand bullets could be dissipated into the air before hitting my lungs!

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