Monday, May 07, 2012

The Denver Post is awesome! Who knew?

I may have mentioned that there is another great migration underway, this time to Denver. (A decade or so earlier, it was to D.C.) In the last few years, I have come to know more and more people living in Denver, including friends from various origins and periods of my life who all seem to be moving there. Today, I might have finally figured out why--I think the awesome vibe of The Denver Post people could have lured them!

I stopped by the website of The Denver Post today to check out the Denver take on a certain Atlanta Braves story, the tiff between my boy Chipper Jones of the Braves and Colorado Rockies pitcher Jamie Moyer. On the home page of the Post, I noticed their "Post Poll" of the day (regarding a civil unions bill) and was delighted by the answer choices; you could vote Yes!, Yes, No, No!, or I Don't Know.

Isn't that awesome? So much better than a three-choicer with only Yes, No, and I Don't Know. That instantly won me over to The Denver Post, which I haven't really read very much. But as a bonus, at the bottom of the article I read there was a little collection of stats about its popularity: "This is the 43rd most clicked article of the day, the 26th most clicked in the Denver area, the 38th most clicked among out-of-town readers" etc. (I'm approximating those numbers right now but you get the idea.) What another fun feature! I clearly might have to add The Denver Post to my collection of newspapers I like to read online. And I don't even have to move to Denver!  But I fully support those who do, and I hope they enjoy happy hour networking with cool new friends like the Post  peeps.

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Unknown said...

I can honestly say that the Denver Post had absolutely nothing to do with us moving to Denver :)