Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Self-Hating Google

Just how useless is Google+?  This question has haunted many people over the past year or so. I try not to be a hater; I have always had Google's back. I was an early adopter of Gmail (July 2004, thank you). When they wanted their trademark protected? I chastised everyone for turning "Google" into a verb and, god forbid, a generic. Aaaaaaand yes, last year I dutifully signed up for Google+, created a few circles, and then promptly went back to Facebook to see what all my friends were doing.  I usually am reminded of Google+'s existence when I get those little emails in my inbox that say "So-and-so shared with you on Google+"... except... those emails really need to be in my INbox, you see.  But today, while cruising through my spam folder, I found this: 

Right. That would be a notification email from Google+...in my Gmail spam folder.  How incredibly awesome is that? Google+ is so annoying that even Google thinks itself is spam!

This totally made my day.


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Carbonboy said...

Wow - great to find another blogger living in Querétaro, México that also lived in Korea. Hola