Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just another day in paradise

Would it be weird if I said I like Phuket more than Bali?

It kind of makes me gasp to type it, or even think it, but I'm pretty sure it's true. Now, there are obviously caveats here, chiefly: I've spent much more time in Phuket (four weeks in 2012, and now we're here for another month-long stint, as opposed to a week in Bali) and I've been much more relaxed both times I've been in Phuket (in fact, both times leaving behind Guangzhou to come here, whereas in Bali I had to face the prospect of returning to Guangzhou*). But as I walked down the street in Phuket town today, I definitely had paradisiacal thoughts. It was just another wonderful, sunshiney, palm-tree swaying, glorious day here. In the morning I sangthaewed to Patong, enjoyed Thai iced coffee and a cinnamon scone (from two separate places), went to my second day of Thai class, had a banana pancake with honey for lunch, walked over to gaze at the sea, read some of my book, basked in the sun's rays, swam in the pool, etc. It was a freaking great Wednesday and I highly recommend that if at all possible you also have a Wednesday like this at some point in your life.

All right then. Back to my (creative) work, now. Back to my projects, which my brain has been given free rein to swirl around here in Thailand. Back to catching up on things and plotting the future. A future that includes quiz night at the local bar, more glorious days, and lots of secret plans that I hope come to fruition.

Oh, what's that I hear as evening falls?  The frog and insect chorus begins to swell while the glow of sunset is just starting to be matched by the lights on the clock tower that pokes above the trees in the park next door. You couldn't make this shit up, seriously.

Don't get me wrong:  I liked Bali. I particularly liked Ubud, which was explicitly paradise, but with motos. I will return to Bali if possible, and I want to see more of it. I'm just saying that right here and now.... Phuket is a wonder to behold. Maybe I should get my act together and post some pictures so you can behold it, too.

*for those who haven't been paying attention and still don't get why I throw around cynical comments about Guangzhou, I reiterate the two most terrible things about it:  1.there are regularly children urinating and defecating in the street/sidewalk/gutter, induced and encouraged by their adult guardians to do so  2.Guangdong people eat cats (and dogs), and even a lot of people who don't eat those animals treat them in a spectacularly shitty fashion, such as TYING "pet" cats  on short rope/string/leashes for hours or days or maybe forever, who the fuck knows how long, but it's so horrible to see them tied up all the time, and/or imprisoning them in tiny cages. It's all horrible and unforgivable shit, and until those things are eliminated I'm not sure all the good things from a hundred dynasties could outweigh those giant, sickening demerits the place has earned

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