Monday, July 14, 2014

Don't Forget Poland!
How to be one of the 190 coolest people I know

This September/October, at long last I shall return my DNA to the land of my great-grandparents' birth, Poland. I have never been there, and I am excited about finally traveling to the place where the mere thought of pronouncing the name "Napikoski" will not give people fits. Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that I am going to do a volunteer Habitat for Humanity project there.

To read more of my Habitat/Poland thoughts, click here on my personal Habitat fundraising page. And if you are so inclined, I would be most appreciative if you would consider a donation to the cause. I am trying to raise a total of $1900 for this project. We all know the easy math: if 19 friends each gave $100, I would reach my goal. That would (obviously) be incredible. But lets not forget that if 190 friends each gave $10, I would also reach my goal. Will you consider making a contribution?

I am a big believer in Habitat. Working together with people from around the world to eradicate sub-standard poverty housing is just that: working together. The volunteers, masons, Habitat staff, and homeowners I have met on Habitat for Humanity builds are some of the most interesting people in the world (that's right, Dos Equis man), and I have heard fascinating stories, seen immense generosity, and felt both humbled and tired (it's hard to build a house! Sawing wood, pounding nails, laying bricks, mixing concrete--these are no picnic!)

You're probably going to spend $10 on something dumb at some point in the next few months. (Hey, I know I am!) I think it's misguided to say "take that money you were going to spend on iced lattes and donate it to Habitat instead." Who am I to deprive anyone of their lattes and cappuccinos and Oprah chais? I'm just saying that when you think about all of the things on which you're willing to spend ten bucks, I would love it if Habitat for Humanity is one of them.

Let's get real: obviously, I don't think there's anything dumb about iced coffee. It's one of my favorite things on Earth. I say, have an iced soy latte AND make a Habitat contribution! But I am completely serious when I say that any donation amount to my Habitat build in Poland is welcome and greatly appreciated. (And don't let the page fool you--it suggests various amounts, but you don't have to do those amounts. Once you click "Make a Donation," you can enter your own amount. Sorry 'bout that -- I didn't create the page template.)

And don't forget Control My Blog For a Day: a $25 donation earns you one free blog rant, right here on Linda Without Borders. You can either write the guest post or just choose the topic and I'll do the writing on your behalf. For one day, whatever you want to tell the world shall be told.

Here's that link again. Click now!

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