Friday, August 08, 2014

Karen Curtis controls my blog for a day!

Welcome to the thoughts of Karen Curtis! Today, I yield the blog to her, thanks to her generous donation to Habitat for Humanity.*
Karen (aka my mother) says:

Right now I'm pretty much fired up over stupid and irresponsible low life people who leave their children and pets in hot cars to die. There is no excuse for this. One news show recently aired a public service announcement from Mississippi suggesting people leave their cell phones in the back seat next to the child. It showed the man getting out of his car, walking away, then feeling his pocket and realizing he didn't have his phone, so he went back to the car and, lo and behold, there was his child. I hate that and if I lived in Mississippi (so glad I don't for many reasons), I would write to someone and tell them how stupid they are. The guy remembered his phone - not his child - and that's why he went back to the car. I can't stand it.

This brings me to my general annoyance with cell phone users (not cell phones). I am so tired of seeing people driving around with their phone to their ear, or walking around grocery and department stores chatting away. I'm also tired of going to lunch with friends (?) and spending the time watching one or all texting their husbands or kids or their Aunt Martha, and not turning the stupid device off so we can visit. What is it with people? Why do they have to be on the phone all the time? What am I missing? Is there something wrong with me?


Also, note Karen's use of the phrase "fired up" at the beginning. She alludes to one of our favorite moments from one of our mutually favorite TV shows, Designing Women, in which Mary Jo wants Julia to get "fired up" about an issue so Mary Jo can watch and learn from Julia's passionate speech. Watch a video clip from that episode, "Killing All the Right People," here. Around the 1:17 mark, Suzanne has a great suggestion about which Julia could get fired up!

*If you, too, are interested in having your say here on Linda Without Borders, it's not too late! Just click here to contribute to my Habitat for Humanity build in Poland, make a donation of $25 (or more), and this blog will be yours for a day!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I am in the camp of those who find incessant cell phone users to be annoying. However, consider this. On 8/8, I was passed by a car on a freeway exit ramp (think about it), the driver had a newspaper laid out on his lap and extending onto the console and he was reading the paper while he was driving.