Friday, June 02, 2006

Communism and whatnot

I do believe I might never catch up because I have only SEVEN DAYS left in country...Yes, the morning of my last full Saturday in Korea has come...and still so much to write about...and there's no time now!

Today we are going to "North Korea." Oh, ha ha ha, we're going to the DMZ--the Demilitarized Zone, a 4-km wide, 240-km long swatch of land between the two Koreas where soldiers face off centimeters apart. Therein are Panmunjeom, tunnels allegedly dug by the North Koreans through which they planned to invade Seoul, an observatory, and so on. It's actually a noted tourist thing to do, to take one of these tours, and that's what we're doing. Both Americans (the armed forces' USO) and Koreans (tour companies) offer the trips. Anyway, I've been amusing myself pretending we are "going to North Korea" because you can get a commemorative stamp in your passport as part of the tour that you were in the village that touches both South and North Korean land.

Gotta run!

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