Friday, June 02, 2006

Maids are milkin'; swans are swimmin'

HOLY crap.

I have so much to post about -- a week of epiphanies and partying and people and thoughts and ideas and missing Korea already and sadness and resolve and figuring things out and and and and and and --

and yet all I can post right now is how outraged I am to come home today to find my apartment ransacked by the dude who came to install air conditioning today. Mind you, I did not want the dude to install air conditioning. Mind you, I did not ask for the dude to install air conditioning. My Candian co-workers, the marrieds, have been very adamant complaining about the lack of air conditioner in their apartment (promised in our contracts) but I happen to have said nothing. I'm never home and I don't care. So to my great surprise today the secretary came into my class during preschool with a Korean teacher to translate saying, "We need your house key so the man can go to your apartment and install air conditioning." I said, "The hell you do!" But of course they got the key from my Chinese roommate. In whose room, I might add, they did not even put an air conditioner. No, just in mine.

AND THEY WREAKED HAVOC! I came home to find books, papers, etc. everywhere. Now, I asked and begged and pleaded for them to NOT have the guy come today -- on no notice whatsoever to me -- but that's because I was worried about my laundry spread out everywhere being in the way and the Speak Truth to Power books stacked on the floor and whatnot...

But turns OUT what happened is dude apparently saw fit to take everything off the middle of my three-shelved wall unit so he could stand on it to install the wall air-conditioner, and then "put it back" -- sideways, haphazard, and with stuff strewn all around like a tornado hit.

No kidding. I can't even describe it. (But I did take pictures, with my cool English co-worker from downstairs.) Who even does this? How is it OK? Everything -- books, important papers, all my Hofstra and law school stuff, letters from people, you name it. Moved, touched, strewn, some of it piled sideways (whereas I had it shelved like books) and my computer turned off and rebooted because I can see they moved the power strip and probably unplugged it to test the air conditioner because THE PLUG ON THE WALL UNIT DOES NOT REACH AN OUTLET!!! Furthermore, the phone was left lying on the floor, toppled from my impromptu (cardboard box -- we have no furnishings, remember) nightstand, off the hook. AND, the actual air con has a hose that goes out the window and they did not seal the hole so I have to deal with that tonight because it's getting to be mosquito time...

I'm so freakin' irritated! Seven more bloody days and I have to deal with this nonsense.

I hate them.


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