Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I find it a little disturbing that we have yet another election being stolen all around us, but the "big news" on not only the lips of the students on their various cell phones and computers here in the lab, but also the lips of the news anchors and even the BREAKING NEWS E-MAIL I just received from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a newspaper to which I e-subscribe and ordinarily rather like and respect...

The big news is that Britney and Kevin are divorcing.



Lest you think "Oh, I'm better than that" consider the fact that you know who I'm talking about without my even putting last names. I, too, have to admit that as I sat munching on fries in the Hofstra Deli & Grill, I looked up at the TV while the anchor breathlessly reported the split.

I did also look up as she reported news of all the election crap that's already being pulled nationwide: machines that keep "choosing" the Republican choice when the person is selecting the Democrat, etc. See:

and other notes on that site.

Hey, can I file for divorce from my government for irreconcilable differences?

I swear the people reading history books in four or five hundred years are going to look back at us and go "What the hell was WRONG with those United States-ians at the turn of the 21st Century?" I think everyone is so numbed by their Prozac they can't get outraged, no matter how blatant the acts they witness. They just want to take their happy pills and push their magic remote control buttons and believe what their "leaders"/talking heads tell them.

Soma, anyone?

My mom used to jokingly say, whether to me being paralyzed by indecision or to a frustrating driver hesitating at an intersection, or some other such thing, "Geez, do something - even if it's wrong!"

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