Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Weird Habits Meme!

So, I'm to list ten odd habits I have. All righty, then. This might prove difficult. Some days I think all my habits are a bit odd. But then when you actually try to think of them...

(And I'm going to post this on MySpace, too, but I had to do it here for those slackers who aren't cool enough to be on MySpace yet. Yeah. As if.)

1. One quirky habit for sure is that I cannot stand to write with pens without the cap on them. I can't do it. I will go to great lengths to go find another pen so I can put the cap on the end. Even if I just have to sign my name or something, I will take the time to put the cap on the end of the pen first.

2. I sometimes fold down pages in books (only in paperbacks) when I like a quote or passage; I fold down the top corner if the quote is in the first half of the page and I fold up the bottom corner if it's in the latter half of the page.

3. I sometimes put cream or milk in my coffee but I don't use stirrers. Waste of plastic. I just let the cream or milk mix with the coffee at its own pace. It does fine.

4. If I'm holding a handful of change for an extended period of time -- waiting for a bus, say -- I put the coins in order chronologically by year.

5. Of course I used to alphabetize my CDs. Now more often than not I have them in big CD wallet carriers that I travel with and they just stay in there at home, too. But I got the first, smaller CD wallet first, years ago, that doesn't hold even close to all my CDs. In that one go the "elite" CDs: Indigo Girls, Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams, Erin McKeown, Mary-Chapin, the Melissas, the Sineads, and some other girls with guitars.

6. I don't wear shoes inside my bedroom. I take them off at the doorway. This actually started in Boston before I went to Korea. In Korea it expanded to the entire house; in Boston it was just the bedroom. Here, my house=my bedroom, pretty much.

7. At the end of the shower, I turn the water to cool and let cool water run onto my hair and then face, really quickly, in a burst of freshness. Frescacita. But I don't like being cold after a shower, it's just a quick dash of coolness for the hair and head. Is that even weird? I don't know.

8. I keep receipts. I have no idea why. I haven't balanced a checkbook or done any accounting with them in years. I keep them for months knowing full well I will never do a thing with them and then I throw them away and make room for more receipts. Actually I occasionally look back at them and try to remember that particular trip to Taco Bell or whatever. With Starbucks it's hard. So many Starbucks journeys. Then after the little trip down memory lane I throw the accumulated pile away. What's the point? No idea.

9. I don't sleep the conventional way, like in the "right" direction. Most people have their bed against a wall and that's the headboard or head end, against the wall. But I sleep the other direction with my feet toward the wall and my head out toward the room.

10. I so totally can't set my alarm for a time on the hour or half hour. I set it for 7:06 or 8:32 or something. Of course, I also never have my digital clocks on the right time (except the mobile phone -- thwarted by satellite!) so since the clock radio is always fast, I may actually be waking up at a so-called normal time. Who knows? Also I don't really need the face clocks with hands to be fast, just the digital ones.

OK, were they weird enough?!

This was just for fun. My real thoughts/epiphanies for the day can be found here on the literary supplement.


raine said...

what if it is a capless pen? A clicker?

the head/bed thing: didn't we do that in college too?

the coin thing: I love it. You kook.

the clock thing: DITTO! I CANNOT set it to any 'on the dot' sort of numer. I can't even do like, 7.05, or 7.10. it has to be in the 2,3,4, 6,7 8,9 minute zone. My alarm clock is currently set at 6:17.

the cold water thing: I've read that in magazines. It's supposed to close up your pores, and make your hair shiny. So you are being very Cosmo!

I'm going to steal your meme for my blog.

linda said...

I don't really like capless pens, for this reason. But I can stand to use them if they have the requisite thickness and if they're thicker on top than at the writing end, emulating capness.

I have definitely done the head/bed thing--ever since workshop year 1! at age 13!

That's the first time I've ever been called "very Cosmo."

jnap said...

I knew that about cold water and I don't do style/fashion/beauty care stuff. (I used to do the cold water thing too, now I just want hot)