Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two months away...

So, Samuel Alito is visiting my law school today. (Yes, that Samuel Alito.) And here's the thing: I don't even care.

Now, don't take this the wrong way. Don't go assuming it's because he's all rabidly right-wing and I want no part of that. I'd be willing to hear any Supreme Court Justice without casting political judgments. But the deal is, I don't have class Tuesdays, and I try to get things done at home and avoid commuting to Long Island five days a week. And his visit fell on Tuesday, and no, it did not inspire me to trek out there to go hear him speak (no backpacks or laptops allowed! How very secure.) I'm just so blase about law school right now, let alone extra schlepping.

In other news...I find myself asking is there any other news? Or is my life just law school, fretting about law school, looking around the house at neglected chores and piles of papers, and more fretting about law school? But after a recent meltdown in which I seriously just wanted to crawl under the covers and not have to go back to this semester ever again I decided, if I may speak frankly, f*** this! Not only is nothing worth being this miserable about, but nothing deserves that much of my energy if it is not going to nourish me back. Nothing. Ewww. I'm not even amused anymore when I talk to other second-year law students who are suffering from the Halfway Through Law School Depression. I just nod and think, check, there's another to add to the list.

I am running. We are preparing to run a 25K in May and I'm so excited. The 25K nicely coincides with the end of my semester, so it's like this mega countdown inside my head serving a dual purpose. So far I am at 100% for sticking to my goal of following the 25K training schedule every day in March. I have also been going to yoga almost every week, occasionally twice a week. Now, I just want to get back to gymnastics, which I joyously went to once in January and promptly injured myself (not there - elsewhere, after) and haven't been back. I think my dodgeball thumb might be finally ready to be healed though. Soon. Very soon. My point in this paragraph is, can you imagine how even more crappy I would feel if I weren't also exercising? Shudder to think.

So here are the other highlights of the week: we make homemade salsa! we have a fabulous Lost-watching ritual that includes the most delicious ice cream from the place two seconds away that is totally secret and awesome! during my long Sundays at work I can look forward to yummy Grand Morelos enchiladas for dinner! The New Yorker! Entertainment Weekly! and I'll always have Netflix!

Really, though, the salsa thing is awesome beyond belief. Our household rules.

By the way, for those of you who care about this kind of thing (and there are those among you who do, I know, and there would be one more if my sister ever got around to reading my blog anymore) Justice Alito was the assistant to Rex Lee when he was Solicitor General, and then Rex Lee's son law clerked for Alito. Isn't that lovely.

Summer job? What summer job? Having your summer job lined up by March is so overrated...

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Megan said...

Your list of weekly highlights reminds me of something I sometimes do when I find myself complaining too much - for everything that was bad about my week, I have to name two good things. My inability to come up with the good things limits how much I am allowed to complain about. It's not a strict rule, especially since complaining tends to be much wittier, but sometimes it improves my mood. Failing that, gorging on homemade salsa can solve a lot of ill will.