Thursday, March 20, 2008

What is the what...?!?!

Seriously, people. SERIOUSLY. What is the deal? Why, oh why, won't someone tell me?

So all over the place today I hear buzzing about "the Barack Obama speech." OK, I think, people are referring to "the speech" as if we should all know about it, and I haven't got a clue what they're babbling about, but apparently ol' B.O. has let fly a bunch of his "inspiring" "charismatic" rhetoric again, so I just sort of move on with my day. Only people continue to buzz about it. And change their Facebook status to talk about it. Yeah. This puts me over the edge and I break down and ask my friend (who has notoriously been wowed by his speeches from day one) (day one being the Democratic convention nominating Senator John "Never Really Had a Chance" Kerry) (yeah, remember that? when B.O. was new on the national political scene ... new ... three and a half years ago) (yeah, remember how he wasn't even IN the damn Seanate back when he didn't vote along with the Senate to go to war in Iraq? yeah, that) (OK, whhere was I? oh right, so I ask my friend) just what is this speech everyone is all up in a snit about. SO she sends me a link.

Well, I needn't have worried. It's just more of the same crap, as far as I can see. All this one does is show us that he, too, has been watching the fantastic John Adams mini-series this week on HBO. (Which, by the way, you should ALL be doing, whether you're an overrated presidential candidate or not.) I'm sitting here watching my beloved USC Trojans, who are making me nervous in their first-round game, and I'm trying to read B.O.'s "brilliant" speech and all it does is crash my Internet Explorer 2/7 of the way through reading it. But, 2/7 of the speech was enough to see that he is full of himself, or full of crap, or maybe a little of both.

Here's my paraphrase: blah blah race blah blah unity blah blah I'm black and white and read all over blah blah and then here's a part that caught my attention: after the Kenya-dad, Kansas-mom, wife with slave and slaveowner heritage, family of sisters and nieces and uncles of a million hues...he says, "This is the only nation on earth where this could happen." Excuse me? What does that mean? And why can he say such untrue things and not have anyone call him on it? This is the only country on Earth where you can be a mixed-race, multi-ethnic, varied hue family? Guess what, B.O? That is some B.S.!

You know what? Who cares about his dumb speech, I have to go watch my Trojans freak me out. More political rants later.

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