Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I do love me some problem-solving skills

I've been reading about the "issues driving voters to the polls." I've always found it interesting that some people have to be driven, so to speak, by this or that issue. I compare voting for president to selecting my manager or boss, who is going to face varied issues every day, including ones we haven't imagined yet. I think the better choice for president - of a country or of my company - is the person I trust most to respond to a variety of issues, problems, and people. The clear choice for me there is Hillary, who has not only demonstrated incredible intelligence and problem-solving skills, but has also been diplomatically successful with heads of state and progressive with grassroots populations in eighty-plus countries. Hillary isn't prone to blunders or comments that are off-putting to entire groups of people, as is the case with both Obama and Dubya. I'm afraid that on a level of managing the toughest job in the land, Obama might not bring the "change" he so often talks about at all.

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