Monday, May 19, 2008

I can see clearly now...

Things That Are Not Finished
my reading of Infinite Jest
the Democratic primaries
the campaigns of the potential Democrat nominees
my (very brief) trip to Phoenix to meet my newest nephew, Kyle

Things That Are Finished
the worst law school semester ever!!!!!!

It sucked - for me and those around me. Well, one "those" in particular. I am not alone in my opinion that there should be a support group for law school significant others. This semester was tedious, yet stressful. Compelling, yet mind-numbing. Awful, and unyielding. These are the semesters that try men's souls. Teardrops. Teardrops. Knowing in the depths of myself I do NOT WANT THIS CLINIC JOB EVER AGAIN. Even the end-of-clinic party caused problems. But now it is DONE. Done, do you hear me?! And the rejuvenation has begun.

I've heard the mantra about law school: first year, they scare you to death; second year, they work you to death; third year, they bore you to death. Well, I wasn't particularly frightened last year (too jaded, I guess) but I am certainly ready for a little boredom. Bring it on. (Because that's easily fixed. I am quite good at entertaining myself. I am as easily amused as they come.)

Oh, also, I like the desert.

But we knew that.

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