Friday, May 30, 2008

Honduras keyboarding skills

So this is my first time checking out the ol´ interwebs from our little B&B (charming!) here in San Pedro Sula. We have had a great first day here, and I learned how to lay blocks and bricks and do things with cement and mortar. It feels great, compared to aimless academia.

So here´s a funny thing about the keyboard here. It´s different! Which would be fine -- I mean, I can find most everything if I pause and look down -- but there is a certain social networking site for which my password contains the tilde. And many of you know I also often sign my emails with the tilde before and after my name. My little squiggle. Because it´s a separate key on U.S. keyboards and I think it´s cute. But in Spanish it is part of the letter n-with-tilde so that is one whole key on the keyboard! Which is great if I need to say, like, El Niño, but not great if I need to sign into that particular social networking site to update my status!

By the way, the social networking site to which I refer is not Myspace, for which I have a different password and which I enjoyed using in Spanish. Note: they say my-singular profile, and so on, versus my-plural-photos, but then they say ¨mis blog¨as in my-plural-blog. Isn´t that weird?

Yeah ... I´m building and learning. OK, gotta go!

No malaria yet! But I am officially obsessed with it.

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jnap said...

Glad to hear you are okay...who would have thought about the different keyboard... weird, huh? Laying bricks is a good lends itself to a metaphor regarding building fouondations...