Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why it's important to take internet surveys

In the last week I have learned some very important things about myself via this glorious ol' internet. Last night I took a quiz that informed me I "might have" mild adult ADHD. This diagnosis was based on my answering "just a little" or "somewhat" to questions such as whether I find myself thinking and worrying about too many different things and whether I have trouble tackling all my tasks in the order I set out to do so. I think the result should have read "You might have a mild case of being a law student." A few days ago I took the enlightening Best Places quiz to determine which metropolitan area is the place in which I should live. My top five best places apparently are:

1. San Francisco
2. Boston
3. Los Angeles
4. New York
5. Washington D.C.

For this we needed a survey? Then again, perhaps this quiz result needs an even larger grain of salt because it also said that my sixth choice? Is Long Island! Ack! The horror! Everyone knows that come May 18 I plan to never set foot in Nassau or Suffolk County for the rest of my life. Maybe the algorithm accidentally calculated my results in reverse. I think the real problem is that the rankings give Long Island an A+ for culture. Oh my.

I think I was better off when I stuck to "Which Grey's Anatomy character are you?"

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Megan said...

I think I just took the same quiz:

1. San Fran
2. Boston
3. DC
4. Long Island
5. NYC