Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I swear I see my shadow

February. I think I have been in one of my driest of dry spells, posting-wise. Something about the last semester of law school? I don't know if it's just that. There is that, of course. I have a weird kind of senioritis. I want to figure out how to get away with doing as little as possible, except I've somehow put myself in five writing classes. By writing classes, I mean that I have to RESEARCH and write a 20+ page paper. I feel like I should call them "research classes" instead, because "writing class" sounds like something I would actually want to do. The reason to call them anything at all is to distinguish them from "final classes" which is the more typical thing: one exam at the end to determine your grade for the entire course.

So, how did I end up in so many writing classes? It's that whole pesky taking-subject-matter-in-which-you-are-interested thing. I was quite tempted to take a three-or-four-class schedule, just a couple big ol' four-credit lectures with monster finals like Evidence and Business Organizations (aka Bizzorgs) and such. But no. Here I am in seven two-credit classes, mostly seminars, for a total of 14 credits, even though I need only 12 credits; I'm still trying to decide which one to drop. My plan at this point is essentially to drop the class of whichever paper annoys me the most. I have another week or so to drop a class without a 'W.' Not that I'm particularly scared of a 'W,' at least, not on my transcript. I'm plenty frightened of that other W (Dubya).

I do have two finals classes, Nonprofit Organizations and Death Penalty. I am highly interested in the subject matter and the not having to write a paper, so those classes are not in the running to be dropped.

Meanwhile on the personal front, Brian and I have just returned from the trip to Michigan for his grandmother's funeral. It was a wonderful service and I will say more about it at a later moment. I'm glad we got to go and that Brian got to be there with all the cousins/aunt/uncles etc. to remember their wonderful grandmother.

In Pennsylvania we drove by the exit for Punxsutawney but decidedly ignored Phil. Also, in Michigan the night we were on the way there (and so close!!) we had an unfortunate icy road conditions incident, and we got into a drifted bank and then we got upsought...more on that later, as well. To entertain you in the meantime, I did add some musings to the literary supplement, about my latest novel read, which is not a great book by any stretch of the imagination but is definitely giving me some severe hippie longing.

Any day now, any way now, I shall be released...

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