Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Yeah, what he said

Now that it is Awards Season and all, I have been spending some time perusing the various nominees and winners as they trickle in, little awards tributaries that they are, headed to the great river of Academy nominations that takes us to the Oscar Night Sea. Last night I was reading comments about the British Independent Film Awards winners. (Yes, reading online comments can be a dicey proposition, but these weren't bad.) Some people were happy that Tom Hardy won Best Actor in a British Independent Film for Bronson, and sad that he is getting little to no Oscar buzz especially compared to one George Clooney and a little flick called Up in the Air. So then an apparently British bloke had this to say:

"Someone blame those critics who didn't fully see all, or at least try to see all, movies out there. That seems to be the yearly problem with those supposed Oscar voters. You guys and girls get such a cool responsibility, and you all piss it away because you're too busy? Seriously no excuse at all. Unless you're a fireman, then I could let it go."

I find that so amusing. I don't even necessarily agree with him about the precise cause of the problem -- there are definitely other Awards Season issues -- but I just like the way he thinks about the whole thing.

Can I get an amen?! Or was that a "jolly good!"

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