Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dep: ??? Arr: LJN

Just added to the Life Things to Do List: fly into or out of Lake Jackson, Texas. Why? Because the three-letter airport code is LJN! My initials! Who knew? I certainly didn't.

I was actually on a totally different wavelength wondering "What does LCD stand for, anyway?" My subsequent web search took me to Abbreviations.com, which I quickly realized was a site that could provide not only the LCD answer but also at least a few minutes of distraction/entertainment/procrastination. So I tried my initials. And what do you know? The sole thing LJN stands for (besides me!) according to Abbreviations is Lake Jackson, Texas. At first when I saw the name of the town as the one LJN result I thought, "That's lame!" but then I realized it was an airport code. How exciting!

THEN I read all about Lake Jackson on Wikipedia and it totally has famous people from there and really interesting streets. You should read about it, too.

I looked up Brian's initials, too; BMK turns out to be Borkum, Germany, which is an island just of the coast in the North Sea there.

It is totally my new quest for us to go to Borkum and to Lake Jackson, Texas. But it can't be a road trip! I don't even know if there are commercial flights to Lake Jackson, but if not, then one day I will need one of my good friends with a private jet to hook me up. (I'm looking at you, corporate lawyers.)

Do you know which airport has your initials as a three-letter code?

And by the way, LCD is for liquid crystal display. Don't EVER let me hear you speak of an "LCD display." Or you will be banished from my LJN flight. Those of you who know how I feel about abbreviations -- ATMs and the like -- can appreciate the fascination that has just taken over my day.


dejango said...

Great post, and thanks for linking to our website!

The Abbreviations.com team

Lauren said...

that's awesome! Mine stand for Local High Frequency.