Friday, April 30, 2010

Too busy....

Man, I really need to post a blog entry - my stream-of-consciousness paragraph is old, a week has gone by, the month is over, etc. But I am still just busy and tired. If I could just get all my Tajikistan travels sorted out I would be accomplishing so much right now. Sigh - there must be a reason for all this, fate, right? Yes? No? Maybe?

When I finally finish working for the day I just want to go read Moby Dick and then post about it to my Literary Supplement.

I took frequent flier miles to Utah to see Grandpa, and discovered a -->new independent coffee shop in Payson!!!<-- so that was amazing.

Um - Cubs vs. Diamondbacks. Yesterday and tomorrow.

But Tajikistan...Tajikistan...

What is everyone ELSE doing? Huh?!

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