Friday, August 20, 2010

I hereby enlighten you - twice!

Honestly, there are two things you should check out right now that will be time better spent than random internet perusing and Facebook checking:

Worldview 8/19/2010
Andrew Bacevich, the most brilliant person I have heard in quite some time. He's not a pacifist. He's not a warmonger. He is a retired colonel. He critiques Obama's policy. He critiques Dubya's policy. He critiques Eisenhower's policy, for goodness' sake. He probably knows more about U.S. war policy than every squawking head put together. I was privileged to hear him speak live in Chicago last night. I want more of him. Much, much more.

There is no "Ground Zero Mosque"
Tons of bonus points for using my favorite quote, by Pastor Martin Niemoller. (Now if we could just stop using the stupid term 'ground zero' as a description of where the WTC twin towers used to stand, that would be awesome....sigh, a girl can dream.)


Megan said...

I love Olbermann, and I love that Pastor's quote. I was actually looking for its origins the other day but couldn't find it. All I got were links to the NOFX song that paraphrases it. Thanks for tying up that loose end for me and providing me with the great enlightenment. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't listen to Keith Oberman. i think his feigned alacrity as are phony as some of the things he says. Many of the things in this retort of his were, I consider, off-base. However, he is right. Americans need to only look in the mirror to see what the "White Man" has done. Our troops go over sees to fight for our freedoms. As misdirected as the "cause" may sometimes morph, they are there for that purpose. When we start going against a something because it's a part of an entity, we start back down that slipper slope again, where we have been many times before. Native Americans reservations, Japanese internment, these are some of our lowest hours. I was taken aback at a "Muslim center" next to the world trade center, but the more I hear of the situation the more I realize the information which has come out is much the doing of radicals themselves and the mis-directed press. Then I think, what about a Shinto Shrine overlooking Pearl Harbor? So many conflicted sentiments. That was over 60 years ago, yet people can't let go of WWII. And you know what, they shouldn't. Because when the past is forgotten, "He who forgets the past is condemned to repeat it." We must learn but we must learn to be tolerant and understand difference.