Friday, June 01, 2012

Most triumphant!

Today I found in my mother's closet a box of various things from my formative years, items such as my high school calculus textbook, scented candles (what female college student doesn't have a candle obsession in her first apartment or two?), an old mousepad, etc. Amid all these things lay a buried treasure. That's right, I found my Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure movie poster.

OK, well, maybe just the poster is not *that* exciting, although it does make me nostalgic. I remember it was on my wall for years and even made the journey to college with me to hang on my dorm wall, because that's how totally excellent I thought (and still think) that movie is.But being the budding occasional collage artist that I was, I had some things attached to said poster. For one thing, there is the big "Coming Soon at AMC Metro Village" sticker. many movies did we see at Metro Village, back in the day?  My second home. Also? The ticket stub! A relic!  The actual ticket stub from my excellent adventure seeing Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.  The date was 02/18/89. The price, impressively, was $2.75.  Please note that this was at 7:40 PM on SAT, back in the days when I was actually willing to go to a movie with lots of other people around me. $2.75!! However, there is a "CH" by the price, so maybe $2.75 was the youngsters' price. Isn't that fun to remember? 

Bill and Ted, dude!  And the great thing, obviously, about seeing it at Metro Center was that it was partially filmed IN METRO CENTER MALL!  I do believe that we in the audience cheered when that part came on the screen. Genghis Khan wreaking havoc on the sporting goods store and whatnot.

I totally love Bill and Ted forever and always!

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Anonymous said...

The Squirelings love to look at your trophies. I try to keep them out of your boxes and closet.

I'm looking at your blog on a computer at the Phoenix Az Burton Barr Central Library. Just typed in "lindawithoutborders" and got the link and a total of 159 hits (some not Linda Nap).