Saturday, June 09, 2012

South of the Border

And so Linda Without Borders has arrived in Mexico.

Perhaps it was destined to happen; after all, I was raised in a state famously obsessed with border issues, and that particular border happens to be a Mexico one. Yes, a line drawn in the sand indicating where some folks think the Mexicans should halt -- although that land they are trying to "defend" was actually Mexico longer than it has been Arizona, but who's counting?  The indigenous peoples, you say?  Oh, aren't you quaint.

Anyway, selfish Europe-derived settlers aside, here we are. At the moment we are in Queretaro. The city of Queretaro, emphasis on the second syllable, is in the state of Queretaro, and it has about a million people and a whooooole lot of big businesses, factories, and international companies. It also has a lot of English language schools. Coincidence? You decide. Regardless, there are definitely English teaching gigs to be had here, and here we are!

When I galavanted off to Korea, the first things people tended to think of were M*A*S*H, kimchi, and the so-called threat of North Korea randomly invading. When I galavant off to Mexico, what do people think of? It seems there are two thoughts that pop into most minds, either:

1.)Ahhhh, I remember my luxurious vacation in Cabo/Cancun/Puerto Vallarta/Mazatlan (or, back in the Love Boat days, Acapulco).
2.)Isn't everyone there getting murdered by drug cartels? 

Well, so far I have neither gone to a beach nor seen a drug killing, but I will be sure to keep you posted. Mexico is a large country with a lot going on, and it's good to remember that there are different parts of it. There is also soooooooo much to see and do that I am overwhelmed even trying to decide where and when and how to plan my excursions and journeys and overnight adventures.

I had a layover in Mexico City once as well as one in Monterrey, but I didn't get to do anything in either city, so my only real Mexico trips in the past have been in the northern border cities. This time, I am in the central/south central part and am ready to explore.

What's your favorite thing to do in Mexico? Besides eat, duh. I have been doing plenty of that, don't you worry. 


Lorraine said...

My favorite thing is speaking Spanish with the Mexicans. They have all been so friendly on all of our trips. I adore them and can't wait to go back.

Anonymous said...

Linda, For an adventure, there is a large canyon somewhere in Mexico. Supposedly larger than the Grand Canyon. Gary Faul has hiked it. Unfortunately I am not sure of the name, It might be Copper Canyon, about 200km west of Chihuahua. He said it was awesome.
Stay safe and keep hydrated. Dad.

Anonymous said...

Interresting musical point. I was commented that the Mexican music sounds alot like polkas. Then someone pointed out that much of it is derived from the Germans, who came to Mexico in droves and tried to ally with Mexico during the wars, and brought the polkas with them. Isn't history fun?