Tuesday, May 02, 2006

El Segundo

May 2nd is not quite as exciting as May 1st. On the bright side, I may have solved my projector stress. Well, actually, my friend/co-producer/techinical vision assistant types may have solved my projector stress. I have been totally wigging about the fact that our Plan A for procuring a Power Point projector totally fell through, and we had planned on using it in the play for the unveiling of the names/ photos of the human rights activists that appear as the actors are delivering their words. But that may be OK now. Which means I am free to concentrate on lights, publicity, and a million other details that all must be attended to in the NEXT TEN DAYS between now and when we perform in Seoul.

I am aware that I may not be making a great deal of sense to everyone reading this. It's actually all rather exciting, especially about when/how/why we're going to Seoul to perform and so on, but I will just have to blog about it later. Really. Forgive me. I am pledging to do better updating this month, and I shall, but I must now finish final preparations for our tech rehearsal tomorrow.

Oh, and then there's this funny little thing called working my teaching job in between all this. Hello!

This week is the lunar calendar-based Buddha's birthday celebration, and it culminates this Friday, which also happens to be Children's Day. It's a national holiday and we get Friday off work; that's all I care about. A few of my friends might go off on a little weekend jaunt. I will definitely go off on a weekend jaunt if I get all this play stuff sorted out. And now off I go to do that.

p.s. What's up with everyone but everyone celebrating Shakespeare's birthday this year? I personally noted it because I usually remember him in any given year, and I like fellow Taurus peeps, and writers, and this year we had a birthday cake at rehearsal that day because one of my cast members had a birthday the next day, and so on...but I keep hearing about a million commemorative this-and-thats all around the world this year, more than in any ordinary year, it seems. Is it just me? Well, the play's the thing and whatnot.

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Catherine_G said...

1. Whenever I see "El Segundo" referenced, I think of the classic A Tribe Called Quest song, "I Left My Wallet In El Segundo." If the title alone doesn't grab you, then I don't know what will.

2. Can't wait to hear about Seoul! More posts whenever you can - thanks! Big hugs!