Sunday, May 21, 2006


No way! It's been even longer than I thought since I posted. I can't even begin to explain all that has happened in the last two weeks but they have been two of the most amazing and life-altering weeks of my life.

The happened! It totally happened!

We performed Speak Truth to Power: Voices From Beyond the Dark in Seoul at the Korea Democracy Foundation symposium where we hob-nobbed with important political figures, human rights activists, et. al. Our lives were forever altered there, and it was an amazing way to spend my 31st birthday and usher in another year of life.

I will totally post more about that when I can collect my thoughts enough--it was astounding.

This weekend we had the play in Daegu. I can't believe it. I am so amazed by my cast and how wonderful they are. I will post about this soon when I get a chance, but I just have to sleep now. After tonight's show, the final one, my beloved cast of voicelets gave me a beautiful gift, a copy of the Speak Truth to Power book with all the photos and interviews with the human rights defenders, which they had all signed. And then we just sat around having a mini-cast-party-type celebration in the arts space drinkin' and singin' and jammin' on the guitar and just generally reveling in the beautiful moments of which our lives are made.

The work has just begun.

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