Monday, October 16, 2006

Star Swingin': The Next Generation

Addendum! I love it! In my last post I rambled about among other things Kathryn & Bing Crosby, my grandparents, and how very much I would like to go swing on a star. This morning I opened my e-mail to find a comment from my mother. (The characters you need to know are narrator=my mom, my sister Lesley, and my nephew Ethan who TURNS 3 TODAY YIKES!!!)

About six months ago Lesley called me and asked me about "Swingin' on a Star". She was singing it to Ethan and couldn't remember all the verse about the mule. So I told her. Now sometimes when I'm with Ethan I'll sing it -- and he says the words, too. He chooses which verse to begin with. I'll say, "Who shall we sing about first?" He'll say, "Fish!" -- and off we go. We haven't done this for a while. Thanks to your blog I will start it up again.

This has made me still more delighted, so I continue being high on the stars and the music. And, might I add, smart kid -- he likes the fish verse, too!

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Bocepheus said...

That's so nice. That's the kind of thing that makes kids SO fantastic. And to know that these little things are floating around in their heads is such a thing of joy and beauty. "Fish!" Nice