Sunday, October 22, 2006 have the things that mean the most not to mean the things I miss

I think these were my top three favorite days in Korea:

1. When I went with Bryan, JJ, Charlie, and BK on the Pusan "work club" trip last December.

2. The life-altering 24-hour period from Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon (what, that's a day, isn't it? 24 hours?!) in Seoul wherein we brought our performance of Speak Truth to Power to the event of gathered politicians and peace activists and I had one of my most reflective and inspiring birthdays in some time or perhaps ever.

3. Another 24-hour period, this one spanning Saturday-Sunday the last weekend in May, when my time was almost up and when I Went To The Mountain and brought back truth. First, with Ding Ding Dang's pneumonia-inducing forced march. Second, behind the "Kumsol Billa" in Yeoungcheon where we had a glorious cast party and day after cast party and where I discovered many things.

I had a lot to say today, and I said it on this blog's "literary supplement," which you can get to by clicking the link over there on the left side of this page that says "My War and Peace Blog" or by clicking here.

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