Monday, February 05, 2007

February is the friskiest month!

Wow, I went a while without posting. I guess that happens. Often. Or maybe the last week just seems long. It was definitely action-packed, or was that emotion- and epiphany-packed? Or does time just pass differently when you're taking an antibiotic and not drinkng any beer? (That was a joke, don't get up in a snit.)

And the upcoming week is going to be just as busy! This is probably going to be a very end-of-Korea-like month as far as blog posting goes. I can see it now. If I ever have a second to post it might just be to say I don't have time to post.

Melissa, my teacher friend from Korea, is due to arrive on Long Island ANY MINUTE. I know, lucky her. But I am EXCITED! She is back in the U.S. and on a big ol' road trip (of which I am very jealous) and she is going to hang here this week. I told myself I'd get ahead in the reading for all of my classes before she came. That's funny. Yeah, right. Nonetheless, I'm so excited to show my little world to my friend(no one comes to Long Island. And who can blame them?) and also to have some Korea nostalgia, or really just friendship emotional nostalgia.

Also, the rehearsal schedule for The Vagina Monologues is in full swing. I haven't really posted about that, yet. So, note to self, post about that. Soon.

Meanwhile, why haven't you (YES, you!) taken the fun quiz I made up that I posted here a couple entries ago so you can see how well you know me?!? Go do that.

Wheeeeeeee, February fun times!

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