Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow day/job

Dude. What's wrong with these people? They've been breathlessly anticipating a massive dumping of snow for days ("Any minute! No, really! It's going to start snowing!! SOON!!!") and now that it has snowed a bit, the university has closed early. Classes after 2 p.m. cancelled and non-essential offices closed. Hello? It's, like, slush out there. I'm looking out a window right now and there is nothing falling from that sky. And every web site I consult puts us in the 1-3" part of this storm.

Three inches? We're closing up shop for THREE inches? What's with Long Island? I'm so totally not impressed by this snow.

When did I become a hardscrabble, weather-enduring New Englander?

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jnap said...

Good for you!