Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hey, T.S.! June is the second cruelest month.

I like July. April and June just really didn't work out as great as they should have this year, but so far July is good stuff. Perhaps I will write a book and the evil villains will be twins named April and June.

What's so great about July, you ask? Oh, I'm just having a lovely time. Productive initial weekend, lovely 4th, fabulous time this past week, and today here at the house I actually stood in the backyard for a bit remarking - again - how glorious it is to have this house to live in for the summer, which is for all intents and purposes IN the city (on bus line, close to subway, stuff to do) but is also peacefully suburbanesque (residential, treetops, Mystic River). It's not that I don't like the utterly urbanesque Manhattan and even some bits of Queens and Brooklyn (and they certainly beat the hell out of the Hofstra area of Long Island, land of strip malls and not a suburbanesque lovely tree-lined river to be found), but I like New York City differently. And today I revelled in liking this. A lovely run in the morning, the way the summer sun shines while the breeze stirs the wind chimes, sipping from my mug of coffee while I write and work -- good god, it's the stuff of dreams.

And have I mentioned how much I love my balcony? Who will help me to find such a balcony in New York? I am terribly fond of my balcony. Maybe I should have gone to that other 'H' for law school...you know, that crimson one down the road in Cambridge...? Just kidding, actually. I have no desire to law school it up there. If I were being ambitious in law school I would have gone to Yale, anyway. (That's where the Clintons went, you know.)

I am so fond of July right now.

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