Thursday, July 26, 2007

Take this job and snort it

Before this week, I never really thought of this blog as a place to go for the latest pop culture gossip. With the exception of my foray into the sweet and cheesy goodness that is Carrie Underwood. I mean, hello. This is me we're talking about, Ms. Kill-Your-Television who can count on one hand the number of episodes of any (by the way that's not actually) reality show I've seen, ever. But at my writing group today it was pointed out to me after a couple of us spent the first 15 minutes or more skewering Harry Potter that we were just participating in the phenomenon, and this was followed by another member of the group saying, "Geez, I thought at least we'd talk about Lindsay Lohan" which elicited from me an "Oh my gosh I know!" followed by a few minutes blathering about my fascination with her latest story. Which is:

What's up with the fleeing personal assistant? Seriously?! How does everyone not find that the most fascinating part of the story? I mean, I'm dutifully impressed by the scary picture (which one of my Facebook friends changed his profile pic to, nice) and that having and transporting the cocaine are felonies and all, but seriously? The personal assistant, who quit just a few hours before, is being driven off by her mother and Lindsay is chasing them? I so wanted to know more about that. Like, how much did that job suck, being Ms Thang's personal assistant? Did Lindsay make this girl go get the coke for her and she's like, "OK but it's the last thing I'll do?" Was Lindsay afraid of being ratted out for breaking sobriety? Or did the girl just not throw a good enough 21st birthday bash? Which, if I were in charge of her 21st birthday bash I'd be like, listen lady, you've already had your 21st birthday, many times over.

So, yeah. I was totally fasincated by this. I freely admit it.

I'd beter go slink off to read some Willa Cather now...


Heather said...

I am full of mixed feelings. I am surprised that you blogged about Lindsey Lohan but, I am also feeling like the last person in the world who doesn't know what is happening in Lohan's life.

On the one hand - I don't understand how this story made the news. On the other hand, now that the story is in the news... I feel like I am out of touch with what is going on in the world if I don't know about Lindsey Lohan.

I am finally breaking down and going to go read the story... now I want to know more about this personal assistant business

Your Blog has peaked my interest in world events

Brian said...

This is monumental news! In case anyone is scoring at home, this is certifiable meltdown number three from Hollywood starlets this year.

Britney with the rehab, drugs and head-shaving, Paris goes to jail, and now Lindsay with the rehab fiasco, drugs and dui. We are living in exciting times.