Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ketchup, precisely

Sometimes I make dramatic statements and I'm exaggerating a little. But sometimes I make dramatic statements because they're absolutely true, I tell you. Now for an example. When I first got back to Boston at the beginning of the summer, the first time I went to the place down the street where I love to get my cheese fries, the girl did the usual routine of throwing waaaaay too many ketchup packets in the bag. I said, "No, really, just a couple." The next time I went back, I insisted, "No, really. No ketchup. You gave me enough last time to last through my whole summer of cheese fries."

Not wanting to waste, I did toss all the extra ketchup packets in the refrigerator, and I have told them not to give me ketchup each time I've returned for cheese fries.

Tonight I got cheese fries, and when I came home I took two ketchup packets from the refrigerator stash for tonight's delicious feast. I noticed that the supply has dwindled to the point where there are enough left for just a couple more cheese fries events this summer. As it turns out, I head back to New York for year two of law school in about three weeks. So my ketchup prediction was just about perfect.

Now, go to my Literary Supplement and vote on whether or not I should keep reading Don Quixote.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about this temp job I'm working that proceeds so far into boring it actually at some point laps itself and becomes interesting again.


bonster said...

good cheese fries in boston? where?

linda said...

Why, at my very favorite Espresso Pizza, of course. Which is not actually in Boston, but rather at the corner of Boston Ave and Winthrop St. across from Tufts on the Somerville/Medford line.