Sunday, June 01, 2008


Of course as is bound to be the case upon the flurry of activity that is the first 72 hours in any country, I find myself with much to say and no coherent manner in which to say it. Maybe I should just have you vote what you want to hear ... I am into voting and a group consensus. I am totally known on this trip as Hillary girl. Unlike some of my law school (read: jackass) peoples, the Habitatters on this trip aren´t jerky about B.O. allegedly having the nomination locked up, they just hadn´t really considered the fact that he doesn´t. But they have now.

So let´s see, there´s:
  • Mayan ruins
  • poverty ephiphanies
  • random beach fish bones and hair braids
  • San Pedro Sula´s swankiest of the swank night club
  • machete man
  • van bonding
  • Spanish speaking (yes, I´m doing it! without shyness! even translating for any given gringo on my team in need)(I´m one of three or four Spanish speakers among the volunteers)
  • food
  • random midwestern tattoed metal-listening men who become inspired (by God) to live in Honduras building houses
  • sacrificing a Canadian
  • The War on Malaria
  • anything else?

When I have more time I´ll probably end up rambling about all of the above, but seriously, this blog takes requests.


Kim Diaz said...

I vote for:
a) sacrificing a Canadian (curious)
b) food (as always)

Megan Ramsey said...

Yeah, I'm going to have to throw my support behind the sacrifice story as well. Though I hope to soon hear your poverty epiphany as well.