Thursday, August 07, 2008

Entertainment and spectacle

What am I totally looking forward to watching? What inspires me and makes me feel enthusiasm, anticipation, and the like? The Olympics! Yeah! Starting tomorrow.

What makes me say ugh, I am not looking forward to you at all, you are not interesting to me, go away? The Republican and Democrat national conventions. Whatever, both parties. Go away.

Meanwhile, many other parties have already held their conventions, but a lot you care about the Green, Libertarian, and Reform parties.

Did I mention that I have to start school soon? Way too soon this year. Apropos of nothing, I learned tonight that Long Island is up there in the top few most popular U.S. places for breast augmentation.

Finally, I have been disappointed by pretty much every movie I've seen this summer. That list includes Sex and the City, Indiana Jones and whatever he's after now, Wall-E, The Dark Knight, and for the love of god Mamma Mia. Oh, summer movies, wherefore art thou summer movies?

By the way, that's a JOKE. I know that Indy was after a crystal skull. Or was that some ridiculous, multiplying, not-even-trying-to-seem-real swarms of large shiny ants?

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Anonymous said...

Heaven help us all. The last time I called 911, it was to report a MAN WITH A GUN who declared his girlfriend "don't got no bizness comin' home with red hair," displayed the weapon (.358 S&W Magnum with 3" bbl) and entered the salon. Of course I called 911. And told them the exact address, told them that an EDP on a mission had gone inside and they needed to roll the tactical bus RIGHT NOW!

"Is that Sixt' Avenoo in Manhattan or Brooklyn?" "What makes you tink he has a gun?" etc. etc. etc. Asked for a supervisor and the operator hangs up. Call back and get threatened with arrest by another operator.

Fortunately, the owner of the salon turned out to be a third Don Tae Kwon Do master and the bad guiy ends up through the window. Lots and lots and lots of blood.

I let someone else call for an ambulance, observing "y'all don't need an ambulance, y'all need a hearse."

New York. You can't carry heat so yes, I'm canvassing martial arts dojos. At least I'll go down kicking instead of waiting for police to not be dispatched by 911. And don't even ask about the time I saw a guy go down in the street with a grand mal and the traffic officers would not stop traffic to give him a chance in the traffic.