Saturday, December 13, 2008

The blogger must never rest!

What is this, like, the annual holiday slump? I swear it was just about this time last year I noticed the same thing: my friends' distinct lack of bloggage. Click almost any link over there on the left of my blog and chances are you'll find...a blog that hasn't been updated in weeks. Or maybe months! Obviously, this means I need to link to some better blogs and by better I mean more frequently updated. Meanwhile, I'll put the call out -- again! -- for some interesting Blogs I Should Be Reading But Of Which I've Never Heard. Same rules as last year: no craft blogs, no Mommy blogs. (I mean exclusively Mommy. I'm as delighted reading about my favorite bloggers' children as the other things they write about -- well, unless they cross that absolutely verboten line into bodily functions -- but I'm not interested in blogs that are only for the purpose of swapping parenting tales. You know, the ones with titles like "Things We Learn From My Two-Year-Old's Antics That You Simply Must Incorporate Into Your Newborn's Life.")(Yes the titles are approximately that creative, it seems.)

Unlike last year, I'm emphasizing that I'm looking for people's blogs, about the variety of subjects of their daily lives. Not one-topic blogs, professional people's newsy blogs, etc. Those are fine too, but not what I seek from this plea. I guess I'm looking for amateur bloggers, with better-than-amateur writing. (What I fancy myself and my blogging friends to be, of course!) I find a lot when I cruise through the blogs of expat teachers in Korea, but there are two problems with that method of finding new blogs to read: 1)I really don't want to limit my subject matter to ONLY expat teachers in Korea, although such a blog is of course endlessly fascinating (ha!) and 2)They have tendency to go home after a year and then I'm stuck in my annual quest again.
All right then, blogosphere. Offer yourselves up to me! I'm bored! (Blog bored.) And I'm trying to distract myself from two more finals here, helllloooooo.

As to those friends of mine who have once again slacked off major in the updating department - what gives?

p.s. One week 'til I'm lounging on a Curacao beach!

p.p.s. I do have one other new hobby though: reading any and all online reviews/parodies/blogs about how god-awful Twilight is. Even though I have known forever without reading the books how terrible they were and how crappy the movie would be, I'm still amazed at how TOTALLY terrible they apparently are and how insanely crappy the movie is too -- at least according to the intelligent people's reviews.

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Megan said...

I'm sure these two are already on your consideration list to be added, but I would like to formally recommend: