Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Obama's pecs

So, our little university here is, well, little! It actually reminds me of a smaller, more dilapidated GCC (= Glendale Community College, in Arizona, which was somewhat of a "Grade 13" for my high school. Even I took a random summer class there, during college, to supplement my illustrious university education, which took place out of state. I fulfilled some random general requirement.) This University of the Netherlands Antilles (UNA) is not a sprawling campus with grassy knolls and such. Just cement walkways, a little patio-like coffee/snack area, stuff like that. There is a small gymnasium, and yesterday we had a barbecue and basketball game versus some high school students from the International School here. They won.

I am getting attacked by mosquitoes! I wasn't at first, but today while I had breakfast a mosquito apparently did too, courtesy of my leg. I was totally blowing off the whole mosquito thing, relieved that I'm not traveling in a malaria risk area this time, only to find out there's been an outbreak of Dengue fever! ARGH. So, I have to bust out the insect repellent after all, and hope it's in time. We're going to go hiking in the national park this Friday, which will be their main opportunity to feast on me. We get days off for Christmas and Boxing Day aka Second Christmas. (Note to Canadian etc audience: this is a novelty for me.)

Well, that's just a brief update. We checked out the downtown Otrobanda area happy hour last night, which was actually from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Hey, who's to say only early evening hours can be happy? Ten guilders gets you a cup to be filled free for an hour. Ten guilders is, like, six dollars. Happy, indeed. We all got silly and ended up at a bar in the fort with an awesome singer who took requests. Good times.

Working hard (kind of) and playing hard -- I totally need my Christmas vacation!

p.s. No, I don't have anything to say about B.O.'s buff bod, although I, too, can go topless on the beach here if I'm so inclined. Just wanted to see if that title would generate more hits. Ha!


Anonymous said...

Curacao sounds fun. It's on my list of places to visit-- the scuba diving is supposed to be very good. Most Caribbean scuba destinations consist of great reefs and a bit of sand with an airfield. Maybe a burger shack. Like Bonaire. I'd prefer a place with a bit more in the way of amenities. I hear Curacao has actual restaurants and stuff to do above the surface.

linda said...

Indeed it does have "and stuff."

Who are you?

Ben is the only diving friend I can think of...