Thursday, December 18, 2008

It is finished

What, you ask, is finished? The longest semester ever, that's what! It really was, too, because Hofstra started school waaaay earlier this year (hello, mid-August? half the professors were thrown for a loop, too) and added a reading day here or there and extended the finals period and and and and ... of course I had a final on the last freaking day of said extended finals period. That would be today. Today, as in, the day before I am getting on a plane to Curacao tomorrow. Yikes! The only way this semester could have been longer for me would be if I had started class at 8 a.m. that Monday morning in August instead of 10 a.m.

But, now it is done. I have made it, Brian has made it (number of irrational stress-induced freak-outs this week: at least 1. this month: um...a handful? this semester: lost count a long time ago), and I'm reasonably certain I could have passed all my finals...maybe...

And so I'll be starting two new classes on Saturday morning! Yes, come Saturday I will be studying international and comparative law at the University of the Netherlands Antilles along with a few dozen other students from Hofstra, the University of Baltimore, and a few other random law schools. Please note that I will also spend my afternoons loooooouuuuunging on a Caribbean beach. My classes are International Arbitration and EU Law. Woo-hoo! Did I mention that Caribbean beach yet?

I even have a new hat to wear on the beach! Thanks to Brian's impeccable taste. *swoon*

If you're lucky, I might even post some pictures here for you all to turn green with envy share the experience.

Merry holidaze, everyone!

Off I go!

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